What is Volatility in Gambling?

Volatility is a term used to categorize slot games on their risk vs reward factors. Slot games with low volatility (like those found on togel online gambling sites) may give you frequent wins at a lower cashout while high volatility slots will give you large cashouts at a not so frequent pace.

High volatility slots are more suited for experienced bettors. The large payout of high volatility slots may cause newer players to expect easy wins and invest more money than they were originally okay with it.

They may invest most of their funds into these games expecting that one large win to balance out their losses.

Before becoming too invested in slot games, it’s best to research the volatility of the slots you’re interested in, as to prevent you from biting off more than you can handle.

High Volatility

Ever saw someone win a million or so dollars in the local lottery? That is a kind of high volatility betting.

The general consensus of these kinds of slots is that you’re going to lose more often than you’re going to win. The flip side of that is that the large payouts when you DO win, balance out your previous losses.

These types of slots are categorized as such for the large difference between their minimum and maximum win rates.

Experienced bettors know that to play high volatility slots, one needs to have a long-term plan. They’re well aware of the fact that winning requires more patience and investment. But, the reward as a result of one win can easily make up for the weeks or months of countless losses.

When Should I Play High Volatility Slots?

You should play these slots if you’re:

An experienced bettor who understands the risks involved;

Someone with a lot of patience and can see months into the future;

Someone who enjoys the thrill in partaking in these high-risk games;

If the only thing that matters to you is the large payout, regardless of the cost invested to get it.

Low Volatility

These slots are categorized by the small difference between their minimum and maximum win rates.

This small difference means that you’re able to play for longer amounts of time and get frequent wins albeit at smaller cash-out.

Because of this higher rate of winning, low volatility slots are perfect for beginning or casual bettors. They require less investment in the short term, as the wins come more frequently. All in all, there’s less risk involved.

Although the win rates are high, bettors shouldn’t expect to break the bank with the cashouts of these slots. The frequent win rate is balanced out by the lower-priced rewards.

On the bright side though, bettors do not need to wait long before their next win.

When Should I play Lower Volatility Slots?

You should play these slots if you’re:

Someone who wants to enjoy yourself without worrying about bleeding your wallet;

You’re more conservative with your funds and don’t want to risk everything;

You’re just learning how to play slots;

You can have fun without winning constantly.