Type of slot games on the internet

The online gambling industry has tons of casino games for every type of player. Studies have shown that slots take up almost 70% of the online casino market. Interestingly, it is also the game with the greatest number of varieties. Some slot sites offer up to 1000 varieties of slot games with different themes and features. A similar type of slot game website is link joker123 which gives plenty of slot game options to choose from. 

Before signing up for an online casino account, you need to know the different types of online slot machines that exist. Every slot type has a different feature and gives you a different gaming experience. We have put together some popular slot types for you to understand:

  1. Classic slots or 3-reels slot

Classic reels are like the original and physical slot machines created in 1899. These slots are the simplest types of online slots to play. Each reel contains a fruit symbol which is why this type of slot is also called “fruities.” Sadly, the 3-reels slot often lacks additional features due to its simplicity. However, we suggest that you start with a 3-reel slot if you are a first-timer.  

  • 5-reels slot or Multiple pay line slots

Nowadays, online casino developers are shifting from the classic slot towards 5-reels slot games like link joker123. This is because it contains multiple paylines resulting in more chances of winning. Most of the time, numerous paylines reels create confusion for beginners. If you are looking for a fun experience, there is no doubt these slots are more entertaining.  

  • 3D Slots

As the name suggests, online slots with 3-dimensional graphics and visuals of the game are called 3D slots. These slots are gaining more popularity on the internet these days. You will be quite fascinated with such slots if you are a fan of movies, tv-series and pop culture. This is because 3D slots incorporate such themes in their games. 

  • Progressive slots

The only way you can possibly win big in an online slot machine is by playing a progressive slot game. Do you want to know why? It is because these games offer you progressive jackpots. It means that if you luckily win this bet, you earn much more than you regularly win in other slots. This is why the odds of winning become less here. The other disadvantage is that you have to place high amounts of bets to play these types of slots. More and more players are attracted to progressive slots every day due to its big payouts. 

  • Bonus Slots

Almost every online slot game provider offers bonus games to impress the players and influence more traffic. In this type of slot, bonus games get added when symbols and combinations spin on an active payline. If you want to play such types of slots, check out link joker123 for mind-blowing bonus slots!


The best thing about online slot games is that there are multiple options, and each variety suits different needs. With the advancement of technology, online slot games have reached new levels of creativity and innovation.  

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